Review of the Year 2011-12

15th May, 2012

Promoting good practice

Coastal and Marine

Chaired by board member Phil Dyke, the EAI coastal and marine working group held a successful networking meeting in Birmingham in July 2011. Issues explored included marine planning and seascape character assessment. The group is also working to promote the Manifesto for Coasts and Seascapes, published in April 2011 with several other NGOs.

Junior Rangers

EAI is aiming to support members in the development of their junior ranger schemes and in the networking of protected areas with programmes. Building on a seminar led by board member Chris Gledhill held early in 2011, a project application was submitted to the EU’s Youth in Action fund at the end of the year to develop the UK network of protected landscapes with young rangers.

Sustainable Tourism

Twelve UK protected landscapes have acquired European Charter status, with the Causeway Coast and Glens Heritage Trust and the Cotswolds Conservation Board awarded for the first time in 2011, whilst the Broads Authority and the Cairngorms National Park underwent successful re-evaluations. Plans for revitalising the sustainable tourism network have been put in place. EAI also submitted an application to Grundtvig, together with partners across Europe, for a project Partnerships Optimising Sustainable Tourism in Europe (POSTIE).



EAI upgraded and modernized its website in the course of 2011. Information on UK and European developments, policy, funding opportunities, events and publications was provided regularly in our E-News bulletins, which continue to enjoy a growing readership. EAI is also making use of Twitter and Facebook.


Working with Europe

Volunteer Management in European Parks

EAI is a partner in the Grundtvig funded project ‘Volunteer Management in European Parks’. Volunteer coordinators from three UK protected landscapes attended a training seminar in Romania in May 2011. The project also provides exchange and tutoring opportunities to EAI members.

Engaging with the wider European network

EAI continued to contribute to the life of the Federation, with staff, trustees, and members participating at the Federation’s annual conference and in working group and section meetings.


Organisational development

EAI reviewed its strategy and work programme on an ongoing basis throughout the year, and in particular explored options for developing its programme of training seminars, collaboration with other sections and organisations, as well as ways to diversify its funding base through new funding proposals.

The Section also supported the merger of the EUROPARC Federation and Eurosite at the Federation’s general assembly, on the basis that a new, stronger and more effective organisation should be created rather than one of the existing organisations be seen to be taken over by or merged with the other.

Throughout the year Richard Blackman ran the day-to-day operations of the Section in his capacity as Development Adviser; since August 2011 he has been based back in southern England.

EAI Directors during the 2011/12 year were: Martin Beaton, Phil Dyke, Chris Gledhill, Sue Goodfellow, Martin Lane (Chair), Peter Ogden, David O’Neill, Anita Prosser and Pete Winter (Treasurer). Pete Winter stepped down as Treasurer at the end of the financial year, to be replaced by Martin Beaton.

Formal meetings of the directors were held on 13 June 2011, 12 September 2011, 13-14 November 2011, 24 January 2012 and 18-19 March 2012.