Coastal and Marine

The Coastal and Marine Working Group has a membership drawn from many of the coastal protected landscapes in the UK, national conservation agencies and from NGOs. Chaired by our board member, Tim Venes, the group’s work is to promote the principles and agenda set out in the 2007 report “Making the Connections between Land and Sea”.

With marine planning and the designation of marine protected areasin progress around many parts of the UK, the Manifesto for Coasts and Seascapes published in April 2011, also provide additional focus and guidance on the issues raised, including seascape character assessment.

Meetings and Webinars

Webinar on Heritage Coasts, February 2017
Prompted by the interest in Heritage Coasts from members at the meeting in January 2016, this webinar aimed to explore the potential for making more of the Heritage Coast definition, including the possibility of defining new Heritage Coasts.

Note of the Webinar

Presentation from John Butterfield, Natural England


Meeting of the Coastal and Marine Working Group, Birmingham, January 2016
Attended by members from England, Wales and Northern Ireland, the agenda included a review of the seascapes manifesto, marine planning and Heritage Coasts among other items The following documents are available:

Report of Coastal and Marine Working Group meeting, January 2016

Information on Seascape Character Assessment in Wales

Presentation on Heritage Coasts

Presentation from the Marine Management Organisation

A webinar on UK marine protected areas was held in June 2015.
Previous meetings took place in Birmingham in November 2012 as part of a wider management planning review workshop organised together with the National Association for AONBs and in June 2012 in Bristol, where the agenda included current experiences in the field of marine planning and the impact of offshore wind farms, seascape character assessment and other issues linking land and sea in the UK and Ireland. A report is available on request.