Seminars & webinar overview

The exchange of information, experience and expertise are at the core of our work. Traditionally seminars and working group meetings have been central to this aim. We have run a succesful programme of  webinars over the last few years.

Recently webinars have been held on Heritage of Peatlands,Stage Zero River restoration Peatland Restoration, The Peatland Code, Use of UAVs, use Wildfire Management Heritage Coasts, Reducing the visual impacts of major Infrastructure in the protected landscapes of England and Wales, health and protected areas, the EU’s LIFE programme, and the socio-economic benefits of protected areas. A full programme of webinars will be posted here in the near future.

Our most recent event in the UK was held in July 2021 with a Members Event held over a two week period covering theFuture of Agriculture, Climate change, Post Covid era and Nature Recovery. Before that  events were held in May 2019 on Bringing new life to protected Areasinvolving and empowering of young people in protected areas. and previous to that in August 2017 we held a members meeting on “New ways of Funding protected areas” For details of this event, please go to our past seminars page.

Information on working group meetings can be found under the relevant project pages.