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Technical Interactive Webinar

Reducing the visual impacts of major Infrastructure in the protected landscapes of England and Wales

2pm, Monday 6th February 2017

EUROPARC Atlantic Isles in partnership with National Grid are jointly hosting an open webinar to highlight the ground-breaking Visual Improvement Provision project, a major initiative to reduce the visual impact of National Grid’s existing transmission lines in protected areas across England and Wales.

Using a £500 million allowance made available by the UK’s energy regulator, Ofgem, National Grid plans to reduce the visual impact of sections of high voltage overhead lines by burying cables underground in four Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONBs) and National Parks.

EAI NG New Forest

 This free event will focus on four themes:

  • The evolution of this initiative and how National Grid developed a policy for the project.
  • How the landscape methodology for the project was developed
  • The crucial role of stakeholders in guiding this decision making process.
  • How the allowance is also being used to promote other landscape benefits in as many protected areas in England and Wales

The 90 minute interactive session will appeal to professionals working in both the electricity supply and transmission industries and the management of protected landscapes throughout Europe.

Background documentation will be available to those signing up for the webinar before the closing date of Friday January 20th 2017. The anticipated popularity of this event, means it is essential to book your place early.

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