Training seminar for volunteer coordinators

21st January, 2013

Details of a training seminar for volunteer coordinators have been announced. The event is part of the EU Grundtvig project “Volunteer Management in European Parks”.

If you already work with volunteers in your protected area or are planning to do so in the near future, then this training seminar is a chance to learn (more) about volunteer management in protected areas, to exchange good practice and experience, and to network with volunteer coordinators in parks from across Europe for possible future projects.

Key information

Date: 18 March (evening) – 22 March 2013 (morning)

Venue: Centre Cultural la Misericordia (Consell de Mallorca), Palma, Spain

Language: English

Participants: Volunteer coordinators in European protected areas

Experience: newcomers or those with basic volunteer management knowledge

Costs: Travel and subsistence covered by the project budget.


Preliminary objectives of the event

–       Understand the role of a manager and some of the power dynamics within a staff/volunteer situation, and your role within it

–       Understand the role of a work plan for your project team

–       Understand planning suitable work programmers for volunteers

–       Be able to create SMART work plans

–       Understand the role of regular supervision/updates, and be able to plan and prepare for them effectively

–       Monitor work and make sure requirements have been met

–       Debrief and give timely, constructive feedback on performance at regular intervals – daily, weekly or monthly

–       Understand what motivates and helps you to retain volunteers and be able to foster this in your office setting

–       Be aware of the potential for boundary issues to arise when working with volunteers with a wide range of past histories/cultural expectations

–       Address problems with volunteers’ performance and conduct

–       Understand how to delegate specific jobs appropriately

–       Plan necessary training for volunteers

–       Help volunteers plan their learning and development

–       Provide suitable learning and development opportunities for volunteers

–       Help volunteers evaluate their learning and development through updates and feedback

The learning will be very participative and participants will need to prepare to get involved. This will start in advance with Email-contact.



Tony Newby and colleague from The Conservation Volunteers (TCV), UK



Please contact EAI’s Development Adviser for the registration form. Places are limited so if you are interested please respond quickly. Deadline for registration is 1st March 2013.

UPDATE on 1st February 2013: The UK’s allocation for this seminar has now been exceeded and a waiting list is in place.