Guidelines for quality in volunteer management

4th February, 2013

New guidelines for quality volunteer management have been produced within the EU Grundtvig funded project “Volunteer Management in European Parks” and are now available for further consultation.

They have been prepared by all the project partners in a Europe-wide participatory process. We would be delighted if you were to consult on them in your protected areas with your volunteer managers. Your contribution to this consultation would be greatly appreciated as we will then be able to improve the guidelines further.

Testing the Guidelines

Three questions have been identified relating to the new guidelines:

  1. Do you agree that these are the main topics to consider when managing volunteers in protected areas? If not, what aspects do you consider are missing?
  2. Would your protected area be ready to subscribe to this document in its current form? Yes or No? If not, why?
  3. Once subscribed, how could your protected area benefit from the guidelines in relation to current and future volunteer management.

Please send your replies back to the EAI Development Adviser by 1st March 2013.