Nature Outlook: scenarios for the future of nature in the EU

18th December, 2014

In early December in Brussels a group of organisations, including EUROPARC  Atlantic Isles, came together in the first of a series of workshops intended to look at European Union nature policies in preparation for a council of  ministers meeting in 2016 under the leadership of the Dutch, who will hold the presidency at that point. The intended outcome is a document to facilitate the ministers discussion called Nature Outlook. The Nature Outlook will explore a range of views on nature in the EU and combines these views with socio-economic and physical trends. This will result in a set of perspectives on the state of nature in 2050, who the key actors are and the roles they play and possible actions that could help achieve biodiversity targets for 2020 and the strategic goal for 2050. The perspectives developed will help to: structure the debate, to understand the differences in motives and viewpoints, and lead to new relationships and working between economic sectors and nature.

The workshops are part of a series of consultation alongside review of literature and policy documents, interviews to identify existing and potential issues. Surveys will be held in nine Member States on the attitudes of people towards nature, and set up a dialogue with thought leaders on the future of nature and nature policy in the EU. We will keep you up dated on progress.