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European Parks: Inspired by the Next Generation’

15th December, 2017

Title: European Parks: Inspired by the Next Generation’Location: Cairngorms ScotlandLink out: Click hereDescription: Around 300 delegates from across Europe are expected to meet at the Aviemore Highland resort and plans are being drawn up for a Youth Festival to run alongside the main event. Soon we will have more information available. Until then, feel free […]

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Interpretation of natural and cultural landscapes

15th December, 2017

Title: Interpretation of natural and cultural landscapes Location: Siggen Germany Link out: Click here Description: Cultural Identity is rooted in the connection to the land. It is reflected in architecture, crafts, literature, and art and of course the food we eat. Cultural identity, however, is not always as fixed as it may seem. Interpretation can […]

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New ways of funding protected areas

24th July, 2017

Title: New Ways of Funding Protected Areas Location: Sheffield Hallam University Date: 2017-07-24 In the present financial climate all those involved in protected areas are having to look at new ways of funding their activities and developments. This Europarc Atlantic Isles (EAI) event will explore how we can work together and with new partners to […]

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New Erasmus+ learning opportunities

13th March, 2017

EAI is delighted to announce details of three work related study visit opportunities for people working in UK protected landscape as part of its staff development programme, PAVEL, funded by the Erasmus+ programme. The opportunities are in Germany, Latvia and the Netherlands. The visits cover a number of specific themes and successful applicants can also […]

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Members’ Day – 14 February 2017

21st December, 2016

The future of  UK and Ireland protected areas European cooperation Location: Natural England Offices, Business Park Crewe, Electra Way, Crewe CW1 6GJ Time and date: 10.30 (for 11.00) through to 15.30 The aim of the day will be to look at the work of the Federation and Atlantic Isles Section and identify a future strategy […]

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PAVEL programme to start

26th September, 2016

EAI is delighted that its EU Erasmus+ funded Protected Area Vocational Education and Learning (PAVEL) programme has now started. Details of how to apply for professional development opportunities together with our partners in France, Germany, Latvia and the Netherlands will be made available on the PAVEL page by the end of September 2016.

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Keeping in touch

12th May, 2016

At present the best ways to get up-to-date news from EAI are to follow us on Twitter @EFAtlanticIsles or to sign up for E-News via the link on our landing page. E-News Bulletins are published regularly; No.55 was published in May 2016. We will update the web pages as time and resources allow. Details of […]

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UK Marine Protected Areas: Webinar Report

29th June, 2015

The purpose of this webinar was to review progress across the UK in establishing marine protected areas, especially to compare the different approaches taken in the constituent countries of the UK. Presentations and discussion focused on the legislative background, where the designation process has got to, what has been designated so far and where, what […]

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Webinar: Marine Protected Areas in the UK

17th April, 2015

Our next webinar  “Progress towards Marine Protected Areas in the UK” takes place from 14h00 – 15h30 BST on Wednesday 13th May 2015. What’s the webinar about? The conservation of the marine environment has been rising up the agenda both domestically and internationally in recent years. There has been progress across the UK in establishing […]

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Webinar Report: Health & well-being: the role of protected areas

12th February, 2015

The role of protected areas for human health and well-being was examined in an EAI webinar held on behalf of the EUROPARC Federation’s Health & Protected Areas Working Group on 15th December 2014. Examples came from Scotland, France and Finland. Promoting Green Health in Scotland was the title of Bridget Finton’s presentation. She presented the […]

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